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On Angel Island, the White Berets notice Conis arriving and recognize her as Pagaya’s daughter. In the ruins of Shandor, Enel asks Nami if she needs to take her surge with her. He says he won’t need it where they’re going, but it doesn’t matter anyway. He then takes her to a cave where he shows her the Ark Maxim, a massive flying ship powered by his lightning using special gold from the Upper Yard that converts lightning into mechanical energy. Nami tries to find answers as she won’t be able to escape with the ripples in the air and Enel looks forward to going to Fairy Vearth.
Outside in the city, Nola is sleeping when Luffy forces his lid open from the inside. After briefly arguing with Aisa, the two of them and Pierre escape Nola through her gaping mouth. Luffy climbs the tower and expresses his excitement at escaping, realizing they are in the ruins of Shandora where the bell should be; Aisa remarks that it must be her people’s homeland. Luffy then spots a giant hole in the ground nearby, as well as something else, and jumps down to check it out. Aisa and Pierre catch up and find him yelling at the unconscious Zoro, Robin, Chopper, and Gan Fallo, wondering what happened to them and where Nami is. Aisa then sees Wyper unconscious in the hole and is distraught. Luffy wonders who could have done it, and Aisa replies that it could only have been Enel. Robin then regains consciousness and coughs, causing Luffy to go after her and ask who took Nami. Unknown to Robin, he reveals that all of Skypiea will soon be destroyed. As the Shandian villagers search for Aisa and the White Berets chase Conis through the first gate, Aisa notices that Enel and Nami will go to where the Golden Bell is and hears both of their “voices”. Luffy then tells Aise to take him there.

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