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Luffy stands over the downed Enel and Nami wonders if he really won. However, Enel stands up and distances himself from Luffy when he asks who the pirate is. Luffy tells him that he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi and is a rubber man, which confuses Enel and Nami understands the confusion since there is no rubber in the White-White Sea. Luffy tells Enel that he is immune to lightning as he punches him, but Enel dodges it with Mantra. Luffy spins in the air and kicks Enel, but Enel dodges again and appears behind Luffy. Thinking fast, Luffy flips backwards and tries to stomp Enel with his feet, but Enel turns into lightning and hits Luffy with his staff. Enel continues to beat Luffy with his staff, scaring Nami and pinning Luffy’s neck to the wall as he tells the pirate that he saw through his attack pattern.
Enel tells Luffy that not all of his attacks are lightning based, so he can adapt to Luffy’s immunity. Luffy grabs Enel’s staff and thrusts it back at him, but Enel deems his simple attack useless as he moves away and frees Luffy. Annoyed by Luffy’s inability to predict Enel’s movements, Enel struggles to understand what rubber is. Enel then uses Thunder Alchemy to make the tip of his staff into a trident, and he jabs it into Luffy, forcing him to jump into a wall to avoid it. Enel says that Luffy’s weakness is his inability to attack and Luffy goes down to attack, but Enel disappears in his ship. Enel appears behind Luffy using gold as a means of travel in the form of lightning and nearly stabs him. Luffy grabs the staff but flinches at its high temperature and Enel says he can use lightning to heat it up even more. However, Luffy manages to kick Enel with the ax and send him to the ground.
Enel angrily yells at Luffy and Luffy follows with quick punches, but Enel grabs his arms and throws Luffy overboard. Enel tells Luffy that he chose the wrong time to visit because as a god he could predict the future and even create this world. Enel tells Luffy that he was foolish to stand up to him and offers to witness the destruction of Skypie by his side. Enel puts 200 volts into the ship and it starts moving. Outside of him, Aisa wonders what to do and calls out to Luffy and Nami. As Luffy climbs out of the deck, Nami wonders what they should do and asks Luffy for guidance, but he tells her to be quiet as he tosses her his straw hat. Luffy tells Nami that she is the pirate king’s girlfriend so she should stop worrying. Enel asks what country the Pirate King rules, and Luffy replies that he is the King of the Sea, much to Enel’s amusement as he prepares to finish their battle in the sky.

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