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Sanji wakes up in shock and disbelief. Remembering how powerful Enel was first hand, he frantically wakes Usopp after realizing that Nami’s absence means he is most likely in danger. After Usopp was incapacitated in the same way, Enel also remembers. After stepping aboard the Going Merry, they notice the Maxim Ark sitting in the treetops of the forest above them. As Usopp wonders what it is, Sanji states that it’s irrelevant as all he cares about is seeing Nami on board. However, he goes on to point out that Nami has taken off her shirt, much to Usopp’s disdain. Usopp points out that Gan Fall is also missing and that Su is now with them. However, Sanji focuses on Nami and informs Usopp that they are wasting time to save her as the ship she is on is flying higher by the minute. Usopp doesn’t understand why he has to go, and Sanji reminds him of the contraption he developed to shoot the rope from his waist. Conis wonders what she’s thinking as she sees Sanji climbing the rope to Maxim with a reluctant Usopp. Usopp states the reasons for his disapproval, including the height they are climbing and Enel’s power. However, Sanji doesn’t care as he says he won’t forgive anyone who hurts Nami.
Aboard Maxim, Nami stands defiantly in front of Enel. As he says that there is only one way out of his ship, Nami strengthens her resolve to face Enel in battle. As Enel scolds her for giving up the only chance she had to live, he casually mentions the two intruders who boarded the ship, much to Nami’s confusion. As they continue to board the ship, Usopp expresses more concern to Sanji about what may befall them aboard the ship. Sanji begs Usopp to show some courage as Enel and the Mantra Priests ability makes the sneak attack impossible. He suggests that they split up, with one person going directly to Nami’s place. Usopp is strongly against the idea of ​​splitting up, but Sanji reminds him that there is no hope of saving Nami if the two are caught together. Usopp is deeply shocked and asks Sanji if he is implying that someone must be sacrificed to save Nami. Sanji reassures Usopp by the shoulders and tells him that it’s okay that Usopp was sacrificed for Nami. Before Usopp can fully express his disapproval of the plan, Sanji runs off to save Nami.
Enel overheard Usopp and Sanji’s plan and tells Nami how foolish it is to attempt a rescue on her behalf. Nami is still confused as to who the two attackers could be, given that Luffy was the only conscious person from the crew, as well as how they got aboard the Maxim. Enel fires an electric blast at Nami, but she manages to dodge it in time. Enel claims that no one will save her because he will take her out now. Nami decides that she has to jump off the ship because she will die if she stays on board for sure. As she prepares her Clima-Tact, she wonders how she could counter Enel’s lightning bolts. Elsewhere aboard the Maxim, Usopp runs by, surprised at how the ship can fly and that there is apparently no crew present to man it. He also notices that he doesn’t recognize any technology and begins to wonder how they’re going to escape being so high up in the air anyway.
Back in the ruins of Shandor, Nico Robin regained consciousness and used her extra appendages to move the bodies of Zoro and Wyper to safety. He then silently contemplates the impending doom as he watches the Ark Maxim fly over. On Angel Island, the Skypieans frantically fill ships for the journey to the White Sea, finally convinced that Conis was right about Enel’s plans to destroy the island. At Shandian Village, the chief urges all Shandians to evacuate, despite protests of concern about the warriors still on God’s Island. Assured that Enel will destroy everything, he quietly laments that Wyper did the best he could. Conis follows Maximus from the Going Merry, remembering the first meeting with the Straw Hats and hoping they are all safe. Elsewhere in the Upper Yard, Aisa is seen tending to an injured Pierre. However, Aisa hears Luffy calling her and is immediately enraged to see him stuck in the ground. After helping him out, Luffy expresses his dismay at not being able to remove his arm from the large golden orb it’s encased in. He knows exactly where Enel is heading: The Golden Bell Tower. Aisa agrees to help him get there.
Aboard the Maxima, Enel praises Nami’s skill with the Clima-Tact. He fires another blast at her, only to redirect the flow of electricity with a “shock bubble”. He also praises her knowledge of the weather, but states that her trick won’t work if he throws a large enough bolt at her with an unpredictable trajectory. As she is about to do so, Nami watches in horror as he bids her farewell, and then suddenly Usopp saves her, albeit with a failed attack.

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