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At Heaven’s Gate, the gatekeeper responsible for charging visitors tries to charge all escaping Skypieans an exit fee; he completely forgot about the panic around the island. The citizen shouts and warns her to run as well, as the White-White Sea is about to be destroyed. Back on Angel Island, lightning from Enel’s attack wreaks havoc on the land, destroying buildings and closing exits as the White Berets help with the evacuation.
On the Going Merry near the coast of the Upper Yard, Conis and her pet wait patiently as Luffy continues to climb the Giant Jack in an attempt to reach Enel. Still waiting in the village of Shandia, the chieftain is warned by his fellows to hurry.
Near the base of the beanstalk, Usopp comments on how close the lightning strikes are coming, but Nami tells them all to run to their ship while she goes to help Luffy and runs up the beanstalk with Waver. Zoro and Gan Fall wake up, Robin advises them to leave soon. However, Wyper doesn’t move, instead watching the destruction a now ecstatic Enel is wreaking on his homeland. Flashing back to his childhood, Wyper recalls the time his chief explained to him the only reason his ancestor Kalgara had to reclaim their home and ring the bell was for his good friend Mont Blanc Noland.
Flashing back 400 years to Jay’s past, the survey crew is attacked by someone they call “Shandora’s Demon”. Fearing the lone man, the captain of the crew sets sail without all his men, but it’s all for naught as the warrior deftly throws a large iron ball onto the chain, severely damaging the fleeing ship. Unable to escape, the crew is defenseless against Calgary’s attack and falls quickly. Warning them not to move if they still want to live, he sets fire to the remains of the ship and sends the surviving crew away in lifeboats; free them from all their supplies.
Further down the Grand Line, another survey crew is seen commenting on the extreme weather. Both the crew and the distressed ship begin to despair and plead with their admiral for help. Instead of answering, he jumps overboard and into the ocean. Thinking he has abandoned them and committed suicide, the crew begin to question how he could have broken down in front of them despite having entered the Grand Line twice before. Noticing that he had even taken off and folded his clothes before diving in, it wasn’t long before a familiar maroon shape emerged from the water. Back on board, the crew welcomes him back as the dead Sea King is pulled from the water, the admiral having just been killed for food. The admiral complains about the worthlessness of the crew and discovers that it is none other than Mont Blanc Noland.

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