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A small snake emerges in the forest, alarming several members of the Mont Blanc Noland crew. Now injured, Noland notices that the snake resembles Jay and Kashigami. He asks Kalgara if she can be “His” descendant, and Kalgara asks for clarification, but also refers to her as a “snake”. Realizing Calgary’s change in philosophy, the two men shared a roar of laughter. The newfound camaraderie between the two puzzles puzzles some of Noland’s crew as well as the Shandians, but they are nonetheless happy to see the men getting along.
Calgary decides they want to show Noland something. He takes his crew into an area of ​​the forest that leads down to some ancient ruins. As they descend the stairs, Noland hears the sound of a bell because he knows he’s heard it before. Eventually they arrive at a city made of gold, with a large bell tower in the middle. Kalgara notices Noland’s astonishment and explains that this is the city of Shandora and that the Shandians are descendants of the people who lived there. Unable to contain their excitement, Noland’s crew rush off, with Noland warning them not to take what isn’t theirs. However, Kalgara gives the crew permission to take as much gold as they can carry, except for the Golden Bell Tower. This is Shandian’s payback for all Noland has done to save them. Noland counters that his people have guarded the place for centuries, but Kalgara clarifies that they were guarding the city, not the treasure. To be more specific, he says that what it really guards is the poneglyph at the base of the belfry. While none of the Shandians are able to decipher the ancient stone’s message, one thing Kalgara knows for sure is that the city of Shandora was decimated for defending the poneglyph. He explains that his people’s will is to protect the past and what is left of it at all costs. The sound of the bell acts as a beacon for the spirits of their deceased ancestors to find their way home after descending to heaven. Kalgara further explains that the bell represents the prosperous days of Shandora and that it rings to the four corners of the world without fear of intruders. For this reason, they refer to the Golden Belfry as the “Light of Shandora”. In return, Noland offers his testament and relays the story of how he was able to follow the sound of the bell in the treacherous storms his crew faced at sea. He notices that the same snake from earlier has been chasing them because he seems to really like the bell. Noland asks if he’s getting bigger too, and the snake smiles cheerfully in agreement.
Calgary offers Noland and his crew an extended stay as the city’s first welcome guests. Noland accepts, saying they still have plants to harvest and people to heal. Some of Noland’s crew discover the Eternal Pose as well as a map of Jaya. Noland notes that Shandora eventually leads to the “right eye of the skull” on the map.
Noland’s crew and the Shandians work together on various tasks, including rebuilding the village after the earthquake’s destruction, gathering more vegetation, and fishing (a snake joins in here). At night, they celebrate by dancing around the campfire, with Mousse personally making sure Noland joins them. The bond between Noland and Calgary continues to strengthen as they work together, with Noland even being allowed to ring the Golden Bell.
A month later, the tension between the two groups is suddenly incredible again. The chief warns the villagers to return to their homes if they cannot control their emotions. One of the Shandians vents that Noland’s crew will always be “god killers” and that they have no respect, but is interrupted by someone announcing the arrival of Noland’s crew. Noland asks everyone if he is near Calgary, but is met with silence and stares from the villagers. Noland then asks Seth what’s going on, who replies that Kalgara has no interest in ever seeing Noland again. Seto angrily asks when Noland is leaving, leaving Noland speechless. Several members of Noland’s crew ask what they did to piss them off again, but Noland stops them. He begs his crew to get back to work as there are still parts of the forest they need to check. Several Shandians approach Kalgar in the ruins of Shandor to inform him of Noland’s crew, but he angrily retorts that he will surely kill Noland if he sees him again.
Noland’s crew have been driven out and are taking refuge on the beach by their ship. One of the crew notices that the bell hasn’t rung today and wonders where Noland is. The crew doctor approaches Noland, who is sleeping in isolation. He reminds Noland that they should be done with the job in two more days, and Noland asks to relay this message to the rest of the crew. The Doctor expresses some resistance to the plan, but Noland tells him that they are talking.

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