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Enel finally reaches the top of Giant Jack and remarks that he is probably the first person to ever reach that height. However, as he begins to search for the Golden Bell, he hears Luffy running up the beanstalk, the large golden ball spilled on his arm jingling with every step. Luffy himself briefly stops by the ruins of God’s Sanctuary, wondering if he has reached the top. Enel addresses Luffy and expresses his surprise that he managed to pull the giant golden ball up the beanstalk with him. Luffy charges at Enel and demands that he stop running and fight him, but Enel strikes the top of Giant Jack with lightning, causing it to break and topple over. This knocks Luffy back down and admonishes Enel for his clumsy tactics.
From the Straw Hats’ location near the beanstalk, Wyper tries to climb out as well, despite the group’s protest that he will be killed. However, Usopp notices something falling towards them. It turns out to be a charred beanstalk and they barely manage to dodge it falling on them. This causes Robin to wonder what’s going on at the top of the beanstalk, and Aisa reminds Wyper not to get hurt. Wyper expresses his frustration knowing how close he is to the bell and grants Kalgara’s wish.
Towards the top of Giant Jack, Luffy managed to break his fall by extending his arm all the way around the circumference of the beanstalk. Enel notices that he is still hanging and decides to taunt him. Enel asks him to stay right where he is because he has something “special” to show him. Enel disappears and Luffy suddenly notices a huge opening in the sky above Angel Island. Rather than wait, Luffy decides that now is the best time to try to board the Maxim, and lifts himself back to the ruins of God’s Sanctuary. However, before he can make another move, he is completely run over from behind by Nami in her wobble. Luffy wonders how Nami got there and explains that Sanji and Usopp helped save her, much to Luffy’s delight. As they begin to discuss their next move, they notice a huge orb cloud appearing in an opening above Angel Island. The Skypians present on Angel Island also notice this and frantically start trying to escape. Nami points out that the cloud is much more dense with electricity than normal, as the Straw Hats notice from their position as well. Gan Fall is absolutely horrified by what he sees. Enel reappears aboard the Maxim, bragging about his superiority in the skies with the Ark Maxim. The Shandians, the Skypieans who managed to escape Angel Island into the White Sea on ships, as well as those still present on Angel Island, all watch in absolute horror as Enel drops “Raigo” on Angel Island. In a blinding flash of light, the entire island is decimated by lightning, leaving nothing but a gigantic crater in its place.
The lightning burst immediately resumes, much to Usopp’s annoyance. Gan Fall is beside himself with grief and is extremely upset that Enel could be such a heartless monster. Back at God’s Shrine, Nami begs Luffy to get aboard her warrior so they can escape back to the Going Merry. To her shock, Luffy refuses. He explains that while he no longer needs to save her, he still has business to attend to. Nami assumes he means fighting Enel, but he reminds her that the Golden Bell is here. Nami says that even though the gold is really important, Enel still has the ability to destroy the entire island and Luffy along with it. Luffy reminds Nami that she has now seen the golden city of Shandora with her own eyes, so now they have proof that the Mont Blanc Noland story was not a lie. In a brief flashback, Luffy recalls Mont Blanc Cricket stating that his ambition to find the city of gold was not to clear his ancestor’s name, but to settle the duel between him and the man who had ruined his life. Luffy is determined to tell Cricket that his ancestor wasn’t lying and that the golden city was right here in the sky all those years. Luffy states that if he is able to ring really loud, Cricket should hear it and thus stop risking his life by constantly diving into the depths of the ocean to find the city. Luffy refuses to let Enel take the bell for that reason. He announces his intention to ring loud enough for all on the blue seas to hear, and that he will stay here no matter what he does.

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