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As the Ark Maxim continues to fly over Skypiea and lightning rains down from all sides, Luffy is finally able to make contact with the ship. However, Enel immediately appears and kicks Luffy’s arm off the side of the boat, saying that he didn’t invite him to be there. Luffy plummets down to Nami’s place alongside Giant Jack. Nami reminds Luffy that such a plan wouldn’t work as Luffy expresses his frustration. Enel taunts the pair for their direct view of his “Raigoh” attack and tells Nami that it’s too late if she’s thinking about rejoining him. When Nami retorts that she would never join him anyway, Enel declares his plan to completely destroy Skypiea with another Raigoh once he finds what he wants. This prompts Luffy to chase after Enel again, but Enel strikes the beanstalk with lightning once more, causing it to fall. Enel says goodbye to Luffy and tells him to stay there and wait for the impending doom as no one can stop it now. This time, Luffy grabs Nami waving to chase Enel down the beanstalk, but Enel punches him again, knocking Luffy back down to Nami’s place. In a fit of frustration, Luffy reaffirms his intention to ring the Golden Bell when he remembers the Mont Blanc Cricket’s tireless efforts to help them reach Skypiea.
As Nami sits in awe of her captain’s resolve, Zoro and Robin also briefly reflect on their adventures with Luffy after the crew initially split up in search of the Golden City. They recall Luffy asking if the Golden Bell would be there, which Robin confirmed according to Mont Blanc Noland’s diary. Zoro and Chopper ask Luffy why he wants to know, to which Luffy responds with a question of his own: he asks if Cricket, Masira, and Shoujou will hear it when they ring the Golden Bell. Currently, Zoro, Robin, Gan Fall, Usopp, Wyper and Aisa are discussing this revelation. Realizing that Luffy has the same goal as Enel, Wyper is surprised to hear that Luffy also wants to ring. Zoro notes that if his captain said he would do such a thing, then there is nothing Nami can do to convince him otherwise.
Elsewhere on Skypiea, the rescued residents of Angel Island notice that Heaven’s Gate has been destroyed along with the island, essentially trapping them without access to the White Sea. They eventually come to the realization that they are sitting ducks who can do nothing but watch as they prepare for the same fate that befell Angel Island. They also noticed that the sea below them was slowly disappearing due to the constant lightning strikes. Enel spots a shiny object in the distance and stops the Ark Maxim on a cloud after realizing he has found what he is looking for. Delighted, he stands in front of the Golden Bell of Shandora and comments that he will take it with him to Fairy Vearth.
Back at the Straw Hats’ post, Usopp notices something falling towards them and frantically tells everyone to dive away. It turns out to be just a huge sheet, but Aisa notices that it has something written on it. Realizing that it was a message from Luffy and Nami, Robin read it out loud. The message tells them to defeat Jack the Giant and let him fall to the west. As the crew ponders the intent of Luffy and Nami’s plan, they are suddenly stunned to notice a Raigoh above Skypiea, even larger than the one that destroyed Angel Island. Luffy and Nami also notice a gigantic ball of lightning in the sky, and remembering its threat from earlier, Nami deduces that Enel must have found the Golden Bell where the Ark Maxim came to rest. Hoping the crew below got his message, Luffy asks why Nami isn’t running now that he has a plan that will work. Nami claims that Luffy doesn’t know how to control the wave, so she entrusts her life to her captain with this last chance they have. Below them, the crew realizes that Nami and Luffy will be using Giant Jack as a bridge to get to Ark Maxim’s current location. Usopp believes the plan is suicide, but Zoro explains that they won’t really know until they try. Lightning crashes right next to them near the base of the beanstalk prompting Zoro and Wyper to direct everyone else to safety. Wyper makes a mental note to do this before Enel attacks Skypiea. Zoro says that the survival of Sky Island now rests on Luffy’s shoulders and he charges towards the beanstalk.

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