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The chapter opens with Enel laughing as lightning strikes the base of a giant beanstalk, preventing Nami and Luffy from advancing on their wave while destroying the Upper Yard, much to the horror of the Skypieans and Usopp. Nami realizes that Enel is trying to destroy the plant’s foundations so that it will completely degenerate and prevent them from fighting him. Enel then shouts at Luffy that although he is immune to electricity, he will not be able to reach him; Nami comments on how she doesn’t want to fight Luffy, who replies, ‘He won’t get that easily!’
Meanwhile, the survivors of the trials, Usopp, Robin, Gan Fall, and Aisa watch as the cloud layer beneath the beanstalk dissipates as Sky Island crumbles as well, cursing at how Zoro and Wyper still remain in the ruins of Shandor. , which, to Robin’s dismay, begin to collapse. A badly injured Wyper then stands and shouts at Enel that no matter how much he destroys, he will never destroy the history of Shandora and the pride of Shandia’s existence before declaring, ‘Shandora will never collapse under your wickedness!’ Enel taunts him by acting ignorant as another bolt of lightning strikes the Upper Yard. Gan Fall ponders Wyper’s words about God’s Island never falling before concluding that none of the Sky People actually have any right to claim it as their own, amazed at how no one had thought of it in the past 400 years.
The beanstalk then begins to fall further, with Usopp stopping Aise from running into its path. Wyper silently encourages Luffy as the Wave leaps from the beanstalk toward the Maxim Ark, with Luffy yelling, “I’m coming, Enel! Bring back the Golden Bell!” Enel says that Luffy is too late and says that the storm cloud is big enough to destroy Sky Island and him before releasing Raigo as everyone looks on. Luffy thanks Nami and jumps off the Waver towards the storm cloud itself, much to Enel’s surprise, with Nami yelling that Luffy will die due to the high air pressure and electric current. Enel laughs and asks him how he can defeat absolute power as the beanstalk falls completely to the ground. Luffy performs Gomu Gomu no Hanabi: Ougon Botan, spinning around while hitting a large golden orb attached to his storm cloud arm, determined not to let any of his allies down. These collisions produce a large amount of light, which confuses Nami, while Enel is shocked as he realizes that Luffy is using the golden orb as an electrical conductor to remove the current from the storm cloud.
Elsewhere, the Skypieans and Shandia both pray for the conflict to end, with Conis wondering if there is a God and asking him for a miracle to save them from Enel. The chapter then ends with Luffy causing the storm cloud to dissipate, much to Enel’s surprise.

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