One Piece Manga Chapter 30

One Piece Manga Chapter 30

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Back at the mansion, Kuro becomes impatient as the Black Cat Pirates have failed to reach the village and goes ashore vowing to kill them if they forget. On shore, Jango hypnotizes the recovering pirates to become stronger than before, but Luffy also falls under the hypnosis and attacks the pirates in a rage, resulting in the destruction of the bow of the pirate ship. Jango prepares to attack with the now detached bow and quickly puts Luffy to sleep, who then unleashes the bow on himself and several other pirates. Nami, Zoro, and Usopp, who thought they had defeated the Black Cat Pirates, are wrong when Jango reveals they have two remaining fighters. Returning to the village, Tamanegi is surprised to see the butler walking around so early.
Kuro sits on the steps by the mansion door and says the word “late”. He imagines the other servant lying on the floor, injured and the room cut open by his attack. He comments that if Jango and the others were late, he would kill them and set out to find out where they could have gone.
On the hillside, Jango stands behind his fallen crew. As Jango looks on in awe and comments to his crew about being defeated by a bunch of kids, Zoro, Luffy, Nami, and Usopp argue. Jango hypnotizes the crew into thinking they are stronger than before, with one demonstrating this newfound strength by breaking a nearby cliff wall. However, as he was sending them after Luffy and the others, it was revealed that Jango had also hypnotized Luffy at the same time, much to Zoro’s utter disbelief.
Luffy, thrown into a hypnotized rage, successfully knocks back the black cat pirates with his Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun. Luffy continues to run past the attacking pirates and grabs a figure of their ship and rips it off, turning to face the pirates. Realizing Luffy’s intention to hit the entire crew, Jango quickly hypnotizes Luffy into sleep, causing him to drop his bow and crush himself and several pirates with it, the puppet barely missing Jango himself. With Luffy defeating the crew, Nami, Zoro, and Usopp start celebrating only for Jango to remind his crew that they will face Kuro’s wrath if they fail.
As Zoro makes sure the others know that Luffy is not dead, two new voices are suddenly heard from aboard the ship as someone notices that the stern is missing; and Jango identifies them as the Nyaban Brothers.
Back in the village, Kuro heads to the northern coast to be spotted by Tamanegi; he wondered why the butler would be walking around so early.

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