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While Foxy gets Luffy to agree to fight him in a Davy Back Fight, Usopp objects but is told that if Luffy accepted the challenge, with Porch as his witness, it would come true. When asked if he wants to back out and admit he’s not a man, Luffy denies it, but points out what happened to Shelly. Tonjit prepares to shoot, but Luffy frantically tells him not to while Chopper removes the bullet.
Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats learned of the Davy Back Fight proposal from the other members of the Foxy Pirates. Zoro believes the suggestion is a waste of time as they would fight without him, but Sanji reveals that “fighting” is more of a “gamble”. Robin goes on to explain that the game was created to help pirates get crews from others. Nami is shocked to hear this, at which point the Foxy Pirates explain that there are 3 rounds in the game and the winner of each round gets to choose someone from the losing crew. That person must then swear loyalty to the captain of the winning crew. But the winning captain can also choose to take the pirate flag of the loser.
The Straw Hats then assume that the pirate crew they saw earlier must have lost the game. Foxy Pirates confirm this. Nami says it’s pointless and stupid and that they refuse to play the game, but the Foxy Pirates remind her that if the captain agrees to fight, it doesn’t matter what the crew thinks. Although her colleagues tell her that it is, Nami resists the challenge and suggests that being called cowards is no big deal, both Zoro and Sanji claim that it is. Although she wishes to stop Luffy, she is told that it will be too late as they expect the weapons to go off soon. When the beeps sound, everyone knows the challenge has been accepted. Usopp continues to be angry at Luffy, who declares that he will defeat Foxy, whom he then insults.
The initiation ceremony soon begins as Luffy and Chopper marvel at the size of Foxy’s crew. The rules are explained to everyone and once the captains swear to abide by them, the game begins. Foxy then reports to Davy Jones that the game begins by throwing a coin into the sea. Chopper then asks Robin who Davy Jones is. Robin replies that Davy Jones was a cursed pirate in ancient times who lives under the sea and steals anything that lands on the seabed. As Foxy wonders which of the Straw Hats to take once he wins, the Straw Hats then split into three rounds. The first round, the Donut Race, begins with Usopp, Robin and Nami taking part in the Straw Hat Pirates and Porche, Capote and Mondo taking part in the Foxy Pirates.

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