Read One Piece Manga Chapter 307


“The winner will be greeted by a celebration and the loser by a cold sea. It’s Davy Fight Back” the rules were explained. The first round, The Donut Race, begins. The goal is announced “It’s very simple. Just go around the island once”. Guns, cannons, swords .. any weapon is allowed. Foxy comments on using the rules to his advantage. Eager to get started, Nami points out that if the opposing teams ship breaks, they win. Both teams get Eternal Pose in case they get lost. The race begins, but as the race begins, Team Nami receives heavy gunfire from the Foxy Pirates from the audience. Their small boat, the Barrel Tiger, is sent before the burst of gunfire. Once it lands, a huge boulder can be seen falling above them. Usopp rows fast enough to get away. Robin comments that help from crew members works both ways.
Sanji takes out his anger on several members of the Foxy Pirates crew for attacking Nami and Robin. Capote uses Sea Splitter (Fish-Man Karate) to slow and throw Nami’s team off balance. Usopp responds by firing a “Certain Death Fire Star”, but it proves ineffective. Robin then holds him back with the Eight Round Fluer until he flips him over to Monda. Luffy, Sanji, and Chopper cheer on their crewmates after finishing off the other members of Foxy’s crew. Foxy talks to Hamburg and says “Rookies are getting better”.
Usopp is seen arguing with Nami & Robin about catching up with The Cutie Wagon. After some arguing between them, Tiger Barrel is seen moving forward past Porch and Capote at extreme speed. Once back to normal speed, Usopp revealed that he had used the Impact Dial to show off the ship’s speed.
Monda rushes forward to catch up with them, and a chain of hands created by Robin can be seen on the front of their boat. The hands then grab Capote and pull him into the water, breaking the front of their boat. Nami urges Usopp to use the Impact Dial again as it is the only way to win the race. Both Porche and Capote are not happy with the events from Nami et al. missed, Porche plans to sink Barrel Tiger.
Just upside down lies the biggest challenge for everyone: The “Long Coral”, “Long Whirlpool” and “Long Cape” area. Foxy is seen driving to Hamburg on the coast and says he has a “very naughty idea”.

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