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The first round of the Davy Back Fight, the Donut Race, ended with Team Porche winning against the Straw Hats. With Foxy winning the crew, Foxy chooses a straw hat to join the crew.
The Straw Hats talk about the loss, and Foxy later reveals that he used an ability from his Devil Fruit, Noro Photon, against the Straw Hats. Foxy tries to explain the Noro Photon, but Luffy won’t listen and shoos Foxy away by calling him stupid.
Foxy again explains that he ate the Noro Noro no Mi, thus becoming the Noro Noro Man, and that anything that touches him slows down. She demonstrates her powers in an incoming cannonball, but when the cannonball arrives, it explodes in Foxy’s face.
The Straw Hats say it was a dirty trick to use during the race, but Porche refutes this claim, saying that crossing that line is what matters, and that the fact that they did it first, the Straw Hats lost. So Foxy ends the game and says that the game is over and that his team is the winner.
Foxy chooses a crew member from the Straw Hats. In the end, he chooses the straw pirate doctor Chopper. Foxy says that Chopper will make a great pet and tells Chopper to pledge his allegiance by putting on the mask. The Straw Hats are saddened by the loss of Chopper, but Zoro scolds Chopper, saying that he is shameful and it was Chopper who chose to go to sea, though dead or alive, it was his choice, and that the Straw Hats accepted the challenge and did their best. Zoro then tells Chopper to sit quietly and watch the game if he is a man.
As the Straw Hats prepare for round two, Foxy’s crew cheers, saying that Zoro sure can talk. Since Chopper was supposed to be in the second round but isn’t with the Straw Hats, the Foxy Pirates also have a match in the bag.
Itomimizu then explains the rules of the Groggy Ring. Zoro nominates Sanji to become a ball and Sanji gets angry and asks why Zoro made the choice. So the music of the returning champions from the Groggy Ring starts. The returning champions have been undefeated in the past and are called “Groggy Monsters”.
The “Groggy Monsters” make their debut and the second round of the Davy Back Fight has begun.

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