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Davy Back’s second match, Groggy Ring, is about to begin. Itomimizu introduces Sanji and Zoro as official members of the Straw Hat team. The “Groggy Monsters” taunt and laugh at the Straw Hat team and expect more. The “Groggy Monsters” first choose a ball position and try to place Sanji’s ball in the goal. Sanji counters that it’s a ball, and Zoro responds with a complement, saying that Sanji looks nice, which angers Sanji even more.
On the fringes, the rest of the Straw Hats cheer for Sanji and Zoro. Foxy laughs at the Straw Hats and says that his team is unbeatable. Luffy insults Foxy by calling him a “2-piece head” and Foxy falls to his hands and knees, depressed. After Porche helps Foxy recover from his mental breakdown, Foxy brags that he won’t even have to assist in winning the “Groggy Monsters”. Nami complains that interference is allowed in all Davy Back Fight events. Foxy also points out that the Straw Hat team, Zoro and Sanji, seem to lack team spirit. Nami is about to defend them when she looks at the field and sees them arguing and gives up her defensive efforts. Nami yells at Sanji that he “looks amazing” in the hat and hearing the compliment, Sanji finally accepts the Ball position.
As the game is about to start, a member of the Foxy Pirates yells at Zoro, informing him that guns are not allowed in the Groggy Ring, and Zoro removes them, stating that he will not need them.
Pickles, the Tackle Demon, starts the match by charging Sanji’s Sling Tackle, but Sanji jumps over Pickles and avoids the attack. Sanji goes to attack Big Pan, but loses his balance on Big Pan’s slippery skin. Itomimizu explains that Big Pan is a Fish-Man Giant with Mudfish genes, which causes his slippery skin. As Sanji is distracted and tries to pull through Big Pan’s skin, Big Pan performs his Punk Pass, which sends Sanji across the field. Hamburg and Zoro both try to catch Sanji’s ball, but Pickles comes out of nowhere with a Swipe Tackle and pushes Zoro out of the way, leaving Hamburg to catch the ball. Hamburg then throws Sanji further down the field to Pickles, who knocks Zoro down again, this time with a Spinning Tackle. Big Pan charges forward and knocks Hamburg into the air, which catches Sanji mid-air. Hamburg is about to score but Zoro hits him and throws Pickles towards Hamburg. Sanji also takes hold of Hamburg and is able to throw him as well and Hamburg and Pickles collide and are knocked out.

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