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Itomimizu is shocked that Zoro and Sanji were able to throw Pickles and Hamburg out of the ring, but the two Straw Men argue again, saying they don’t need the other’s help. The Foxy Pirates are shocked by this turn of events and Porche says he won’t forgive Hamburg if he loses. The match still continues, though Pickles and Hamburg are incapacitated and the Straw Hats are angry at Zoro and Sanji for fighting instead of putting an unguarded Big Pan in the ring. Big Pan then tries to stomp Zoro and Sanji, making them run away much to Usopp’s anger. However, Zoro tells Usopp that Big Pan has knives on the soles of his shoes, and Sanji reports the violation to the referee. However, the referee deliberately looks away as Foxy says he can’t see everything and Sanji angrily kicks the referee. The referee claims he didn’t see anything and gives Sanji a yellow card; his further infringement will result in a red card and his expulsion from the game.
Sanji is angry at the biased call, but returns to the game only to see Big Pan attacking Zoro with a giant axe. He also reports this to the referee, but he turns his head away again, angering Sanji once more. However, Usopp and Nami convince him not to do anything to get kicked out, and are also forced to stop Luffy from attacking the referee himself. However, Zoro and Sanji pick up where they left off as they continue to run away from Big Pan, but they stop and prepare to counterattack, though they still refuse to fully cooperate with each other. Sanji knows that to avoid Big Pan’s slippery skin he must attack him in his clothes, but Big Pan falls on his stomach and slides forward, causing Zoro and Sanji to land on his back and slide down him. Big Pan then pulls his legs up to his head from behind, creating a noose in which Zoro and Sanji are trapped.
As Zoro and Sanji continue to slide, Pickles and Hamburg come back with weapons that the referee can’t see due to doing some stretching exercises. Big Pan unfurls, sending a disoriented Zoro and Sanji flying into the air, and Pickles and Hamburg prepare to unleash another combo attack on them. Pickles sends Hamburg into the air and Hamburg slams Zoro to the ground with an elbow pad. Big Pan then gets into a spike position as Hamburg holds the elbow pads down like a blade, and Big Pan sends Hamburg right into Zoro. Hamburg’s elbow pads hit Zoro in the stomach, seriously injuring him, and Itomimizu says that it’s game over for Zoro because he’s dead. The Groggy Monsters then prepare another attack as Pickles enters Big Pan’s mouth and is fired at a disoriented Sanji like a cannonball with loaded shoulder pads. Pickles’ attack sends Sanji into the air, and Hamburg punches Sanji through the air, though it doesn’t appear to be heading for the goal. Sanji hits Pickles’ shoulder pad and Big Pan finishes him off with a ground stab. The Foxy Pirates cheer and the Straw Hats despair as the only thing left for the Foxy Pirates to do is put the downed Sanji in the ring. However, Zoro and Sanji are still conscious and agree to help each other for 10 seconds.

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