Read One Piece Manga Chapter 316


Luffy, still under the influence of Noro Noro’s beam, slowly begins to walk out of the kitchen. Foxy shouts that 30 seconds have finally passed and the effect of the Noro Noro Beam has worn off, throwing Luffy and causing him to fall into a dark room. Luffy gets up and wonders where Foxy went. Suddenly, Foxy appears on top of a machine known as the Gorilla Puncher 13. Foxy activates the machine and slowly makes his way towards Luffy. He follows with a Noro Noro beam that misses Luffy, leaving the latter confused as to why the former would miss on purpose. Foxy tells Luffy to turn around. Luffy notices a mirror behind him and was shocked to learn from Foxy that the Noro Noro Beam could reflect off mirrors. After dodging the Noro Noro Beam, Foxy presses the button on the Gorilla Puncher and hits Luffy with one of his boxing gloves, severely burning the pirate. Far from done, Foxy pulls out a mirror missile and sends several Noro Noro Beams at Luffy. Foxy taunts Luffy, saying that he will never be able to get close to him while dodging both Noro Noro’s punches and beams. Immediately after, Luffy turns around and breaks the mirror behind him. Foxy quips that it was a cheap move on Luffy’s part. He then loses sight of him and is surprised by a Gomu Gomu no pistol in the back. Foxy tries to retaliate with another Noro Noro Beam, but Luffy dodges it. Luffy falls and gets hung up on Gorilla Puncher 13. Foxy calls him a fool and attacks Luffy with Gorilla Puncher Golden Hit, severely burning him. Back outside, Itomimizu is commentating on the match while riding Chuchuna. The Straw Hat Crew cheer for Luffy because they know he’s coming for them. Suddenly there is an explosion on the ship. Foxy triumphantly emerges from the smoke while Luffy is seen lying face down on the ground. The Straw Hats are shocked to see Luffy injured and wonder how he got burned with just punches. Luffy gets back up to confront Foxy. Foxy gets mad. He pulls out his Noro Noro Beam Sword and restrains Luffy’s arm and legs. This is followed by Megaton’s Nine-Tail Rush attack. He pushes Luffy away but gets back up. Foxy repeats the same combo, but Luffy gets back to his feet. Foxy is impressed by this. Luffy shouts that he will fight to the death to save his friend.

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