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In order to give Luffy and Robin plenty of rest, the Going Merry remains in the Long Ring Long Land for another four days before setting sail. It is now the morning of the third day after their departure. The climate is sunny and springy, sometimes slightly summery.
The crew are seen relaxing on the Going Merry and indulging in their own preferred activity; Nami, sunbathing while eating food made by Sanji, Zoro sleeps until Sanji wakes him up, and Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp are all mistaken for “Frozen Luffy”. Robin comes aboard to the excitement of the others, who are still worried about her health.
As they all relax and eat the bucket Sanji made, they notice a giant frog swimming freestyle and decide to catch it as Luffy states that he wishes to eat it. Nami notices them going off course and sees a beacon ahead, even though Log Pose isn’t pointing at it. Sanji and Robin agree to pursue him in their own way, despite Nami’s cries. The Going Merry continues at full speed towards the giant frog, which has stopped moving.
Suddenly, a large train appears towards them, approaching them on the water, and the straw pirates narrowly escape being hit. However, the giant frog doesn’t try to avoid it, it tries to block the train’s path and is hit and sent flying some distance into the water. On a platform nearby, a young girl calls out for someone inside, and an old woman appears with Zoro and Usopp, who note that she is “too drunk”.
The old woman introduces herself as Kokoro and that the young girl is her granddaughter, Chimney. They also introduce their cat, who is actually a rabbit, Gonbe. Chimney explains that the train, the Puffing Tom they saw earlier, runs on tracks in water and can’t be seen anywhere in the world except from here. He goes on to explain that the frog, Yokozuna, always jumps onto the tracks to test his strength against Puffing Tom, causing a lot of trouble. To this, Luffy claims that he will not eat “hard working” animals.
After explaining the direction of Log Pose, Kokoro informs them that they are going to “Water 7”, which is the city with the world’s best shipbuilding. At this, Luffy decides that they will go there and find a boatman to join their crew.

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