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Before leaving, Kokoro gives the Straw Hat Pirates a simple map and a letter of recommendation. As they say goodbye, the Straw Hats are warned that the Marines may be on Water 7.
After visiting this strange train station on the sea, Luffy and friends leave the Shift Station to continue their search for a new companion. Destination: Water City, Water 7.
In comic style, the Straw Hats discuss their ideal mechanic, with Sanji wanting the “hottest kid” and Luffy wanting a man who is sixteen feet tall. However, Zoro states that the main problem is finding a good carpenter willing to join the pirates. Nami looks at the map Kokoro gave them only to realize it’s completely useless. Luffy shows his worried and amused crew a sketch of his ideal mech, though it looks non-human. Nami then calls them to get money for the week’s spending.
As the crew remembers all the adventures they have had with the Going Merry, they begin to imagine what it will be like after the repairs. Just then, Zoro spots Water 7 and the crew stares in amazement. A fishing resident informs them how to enter, and as they walk through the streets, they realize that the buildings are built on top of submerged buildings. Another resident, checking their intentions, told them that there was a small peninsula where they could anchor.
After docking, Zoro accidentally breaks the mast, showing how much damage the Going Merry has sustained on its travels. While trying to fix the mast, the others discuss that there must be really strong people in Water 7 so that the residents don’t fear the pirates. It is decided that Luffy, Usopp, and Nami will take the gold to exchange and the letter to Iceburg, the man Kokoro mentioned.
Meanwhile, in town, residents alert each other to the trouble at Dock 1 and race to see. At the wharf, the captain of the Big Helmet Pirates, Mikazuki, refuses to pay for the repairs made by the carpenters. A female Kalifa tells Iceburg about the chaos. The bespectacled man declares that they won’t take rejection quietly and together with the other carpenters easily defeat the big helmet pirates. The name of the Water 7 boatmen is the Galley-La Company.

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