Read One Piece Manga Chapter 324


Luffy, Nami, and Usopp walk towards the city and decide that it would be safer to go to the stock market first than to carry a cart of gold around town. He comes across a “Rental Bull Shop” and not knowing what a bull is, Luffy asks to rent one. The man inside explains that there are three kinds of bulls; Yagara Bulls, Rabuka Bulls and King Bulls. Once he discovers that they simply followed Log Pose there, he goes on to explain that the bulls are essential to the daily lives of the citizens and act like horses that carry them around town. When asked if they could carry heavy objects, he told all three that they were very strong and could carry anything, even gold. After seeing that they really do have gold, he comically tries to raise the rent, then tells them that the exchange office nearby won’t have enough money and that downtown would be best.
Before they leave, the man gives them a map and bids them farewell as they race the Yagara Bulls around town, even up a hill. Bulls take them to market using a shortcut that shows they are very intelligent creatures. There he sees a much larger bull carrying masked passengers while Luffy’s bull takes him to a stall selling Mizu Mizu meat, whereupon he comments that it is soft and buys ten. Nami notices many other masked residents, but her attention returns to the map as they move towards the “water lift”. The three enter the elevator and realize that once the entrance closes, the water level will rise and take them downtown.
Meanwhile, back at the Going Merry, Sanji calls Robin and Zoro explains that she and Chopper went to buy some things. Sanji decides to go shopping, leaving only Zoro to watch over the Going Merry.
After exiting the water lift, the three notice a crowd gathering at one of the docks and decide to go check it out. There, the mob watches and names some of the workers of the Galley-La Company; “Lue-chan”, Paulie (though not seen), “Lulu” and Tilestone. The spectator explains to Luffy that the workers of the Galley-La Company are the pride of the town, as they are good fighters as well as carpenters.
Back on the Going Merry, a group of attackers appear and attack Zoro, who demands to know who they are.

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