Read One Piece Manga Chapter 325


On the Going Merry, the attackers explain that they are known as the Franky Family and are bounty hunters looking for the Straw Pirates’ bounties. Zoro easily defeats them using only two swords.
In the Market District, Robin and Chopper explore the streets where they see a mask stall. He explains that there are several masked people walking around and talking about a costume party going on. The two then stumble upon a bookstore, which Chopper rushes to. On her way to the store, Robin passes a tall masked man who whispers “CP9”, causing her expression to change to one of panic and concern. Inside the bookstore, Chopper realizes that Robin has disappeared and goes looking for her.
Meanwhile, at the exchange, the three Straw Hats are offered 100 million bellies for their gold, much to the delight of Luffy and Usopp. However, Nami is not so happy and refuses to accept the offer mentioning Luffy’s reward and the offer being wrong. At the same time, they are offered three times as much, which the three gladly accept. They are all seen leaving the store with suitcases filled with 100 million bellies each. The three decide to go back to the shipyard to find out the cost of the repairs.
Once you get back to the shipyard, they are stopped from entering by one of the workers who explains that only workers are allowed there. Worker Kaku, who Luffy initially comically calls Usopp due to his long nose, receives a letter from Kokoro, explaining that Iceburg is the mayor of Water 7 and president of the Galley-La Company. After being told the location of the Straw Pirates’ ship, Kaku decides to check on the ship’s condition and cliff jumps.
The Straw Hats watch in shock as Iceburg explains to them that Kaku always does this and explains that he is the main mechanic from Dock 1.-

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