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Sanji, who has hired a bull, is seen shopping for ingredients while daydreaming about going on a date with Nami and Robin. As he got lost on his way to buy more ingredients, he spots Robin and a masked man walking past another building. She seems to ignore Sanji as he screams and runs in the direction she was going. However, when they get there, both Robin and the masked man have disappeared. Joking about how she might be able to fly, he looks up to see Kaka, who he mistakes for Usopp. Kaku arrives on the Going Merry, where Zoro also mistakes him for Usopp. However, after thinking about it, he realizes he’s mistaken and demands to know who he is.
At Dock 1, Kalifa explains to Iceburg who the Straw Pirates are and what their collective reward is. Iceburg is formally introduced to them, as is his newly adopted Tyrannosaurus rat. Caliph reminds him of his many duties that he has to do that day, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to do his duties and she cancels them all, causing the Straw Hats to label him as unreliable. This causes Kalifa to charge at them, although it appears that Iceburg took all the kicks.
Nami hands over a letter from Kokoro saying “Inspect their ship”, which Iceburg promptly tears up after reading it. Despite this, he agrees, admitting that he tore up the letter because he didn’t like the kiss tag and that Kokoro was his drinking partner. Since he has to wait for Kaku’s return and he has nothing better to do, despite having just canceled all his appointments, he offers to show them around Dock 1.
Usopp notices the Franky Family members stealing their money and alerts the others. At the same time, one of the previously seen carpenters from Galley-La Company Paulie is being chased by debt collectors. To escape them, he jumps onto the Straw Hats’ bulls and easily defeats the Franky family. Usopp thanks Paulie for saving their money, but leaves with the money after finding the trunks.

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