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Paulie is brought back to Dock 1 by fellow carpenter Rob Lucci while Hattori, Lucci’s pet, berates him for stealing the money. Iceburg explains to the three that if they didn’t stop Paulie, Galley-La would lose face. He goes on to explain that the Franky Family are professional ship scavengers who also work as bounty hunters and often cause chaos in Water 7. The Straw Hats note that they didn’t look that strong, but Iceburg warns them not to underestimate Franky himself.
At this, Lucci returns Paulie to Dock 1 while Hattori apologizes for the events and demands that they apologize. Paulie returns the money to Luffy, but Lucci punches him in the head while Hattori apologizes, explaining that Paulie is in charge of a confused Luffy. Angered by this, Paulie throws Lucci, who only breaks her fall with her fingers, and Iceburg says it’s normal.
Luffy comically tells Paulie that the real enemy is the Hattori Pigeon and shouts that he should fight his own battles instead. Once back on Lucci’s shoulder, Hattori introduces himself and Lucci. Nami finally realizes that Lucci is a ventriloquist amazing both Luffy and Usopp. Paulie says that he always talks through a pigeon before getting upset at how both Nami and Kalifa are dressed. When the doors to Dock 1 open, Iceburg explains that Lucci, Paulie, and Kaku are part of the main mechanics despite their odd natures.
Upon entering, all the carpenters happily greet Iceburg while the Straw Hats are shocked at the size of the shipyard. After they notice how popular Iceburg is, Kalifa explains that he united seven warring carpentry companies to form the Galley-La Company, and even though he has become the leader, his technique and love for carpentry are still the same. Luffy asks Iceburg to join his crew, shocking the entire Galley-La Company, explaining that there is no repairman in their crew. Iceburg gives him permission to take any carpenter with him if they are willing to become a pirate, as well as for him, being the mayor, he can’t go.
Kaku returns to Dock 1 just as Usopp, who is carrying two suitcases, is attacked by the Franky Family. Nami notices the two trunks that Usopp was carrying sitting on the ground and has no idea. Kaku explains to them that even if the Galley-La Company repaired as much as possible, they would have no chance of reaching the next island in the Going Merry. On the Going Merry, Zoro is seen asking if it can’t go any further.

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