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After the meeting, Sanji and Chopper are seen traveling together. While Chopper apologizes for separating himself from Nico Robin, Sanji begins to feel uneasy after realizing that the masked man he saw was not Chopper, especially after what Aokiji had warned them about. The pair decide to return to the Going Merry, where Zoro is seen sitting up.
Luffy offers the Galley-La Company as much money as they want to repair the Going Merry, but Kaku says it’s a miracle they even reached Water 7. Paulie explains exactly what a keel is and how it’s a “lifeline” to the ship. Since the keel cannot be replaced, the Going Merry is nothing more than a pile of wood waiting to be scrapped. and buy a new ship that the Galley-La Company is willing to provide. Not wanting any change to the crew ship, Luffy expresses his desire to continue sailing on the Going Merry. However, Iceburg states the folly of what Luffy desires and what it would do to the crew. Although they plead with Galley-La to rebuild their ship, Hattori explains that no two ships are exactly the same, just as there are no identical trees in the world. Iceburg says they can buy a new ship since they have the money for it, but Luffy refuses to accept their assessment, but is handed a catalog from Kalifa.
In the middle of the transaction, Peepley interrupts Lulu to tell Iceburg that there are visitors at the gate to dispose of. Before he can, the guests, who turn out to be World Government officers, all ready to enter, causing both Luffy and Nami to rush and hide. The leader of the officers, Corgi, claims to “sense” the pirates, but he ignores it and says he wishes to speak to Iceburg, who childishly tells him to leave.
After they leave with Iceburg, the Galley-La Company discuss why the World Government keeps harassing him while Luffy comments on how light the trunks are. When they check them, they realize they are both empty, while Peepley comments to Lulu about seeing Frankies with Kaku, though all he remembers is seeing a long nose. Overhearing this, the pair realize that Usopp has been kidnapped and Luffy runs off to find him while Nami gets the location of Franky’s house from Paulie.
Nami decides to return to the Going Merry to get the others to help retrieve Usopp and their money, but on her way she sees a crowd gathering. Horrified, he sees a badly beaten Usopp dumped in the street and rushes after him. Usopp tearfully apologizes to her for being so useless and losing the money, but Nami tells him that they will definitely get the money back.

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