Read One Piece Manga Chapter 329


Nami leaves the badly injured Usopp behind, believing it best to not move him in case his injuries worsen, and rushes to the Going Merry. On the Going Merry, Zoro explains to both Sanji and Chopper that it is impossible to repair the ship. Sanji worries about Usopp’s reaction and missing Robin; however, Nami arrives and explains to them what happened to Usopp.
Meanwhile, at Franky House, the members who stole the money give it to Franky, who replies that they can finally buy the thing they’ve always wanted. It is explained that they spent three years betting and spending all the money they made. Franky hands them 5 million to spend on anything; however, there is an explosion caused by Usopp demanding the money back. He desperately tries to take Franky’s suitcase; he fails and Franky explains that no one will help the pirates and tells the others to do whatever they want with him. Usopp watches as Franky calmly walks away with all the money he stole as the other members begin to beat him up.
Nami, who stayed on the ship to protect the remaining 100 million bellies while the others searched for the injured Usopp. They notice a trail of blood and realize he went to get the money himself; however, before they leave for Franky House, Luffy falls into the river, leaving Sanji to save him. The four leave in the direction of Franky House, and once they arrive, they find an unconscious and badly injured Usopp outside. Angered by this, the four of them rush to the entrance, determined to get revenge.

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