Read One Piece Manga Chapter 330


When the Straw Hats reach the door of Franky’s house, one of the members inside is sent to buy food and drink. Upon opening the door, he is greeted by the Straw Hat Pirates and is sent flying to the shock of the other members.
The Franky Family underestimates the foursome, taunting and threatening them, but after Luffy manages to break their armor, they realize how strong the Straw Hat Pirates really are. After trying to trick them, they fire several cannons that Zoro easily cuts through despite being made of iron. To Franky Family’s shock, he also manages to cut the cannons himself. Franky’s family, realizing they are not as weak as they thought, try to escape through the back door, but are confronted by Sanji, who stops them from escaping. Realizing that there is no way to escape through the exits, they try to escape through the windows, but are stopped again, this time by Chopper.
In an attempt to prevent further attacks on themselves, one member of the Franky family, Zambai, informs them that the money they stole was taken by their boss, Franky. However, he is sent flying when the Straw Hats explain that the money isn’t important anymore, it’s what they did to Usopp. As a last resort, the Franky family uses their special cannon to try to stop the attack, but the Straw Hats easily dodge the attacks and easily defeat the remaining members.
After destroying Franky’s house, Chopper tends to Usopp’s injuries while the Straw Hats discuss what they should do next. Instead of waiting for Franky, they decide to go back to their ship because they have enough problems already. Luffy then announces that it’s time to say goodbye to the Going Merry.

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