Read One Piece Manga Chapter 332


An angry Nami gets mad at Luffy and tries to stop the upcoming duel, but Luffy doesn’t pay much attention. As she continues to complain, he tells her to stop, explaining that there’s no turning back, and remembers Usopp telling Luffy that he’ll be back at 10pm to fight. He continues that Usopp wouldn’t give his life and tells Nami to “chill”, which silences her.
On board, Zoro and Sanji argue about Zoro’s first meeting with the Franky Family, blaming each other for not marrying them then. Nami interrupts the pair as Chopper returns from trying to treat a badly injured Usopp and is sent away, tearfully explaining Usopp’s rejection of their friendship. Nami comments, feeling like the whole group is falling apart.
At ten o’clock, Usopp returns to the fight with Luffy, who is already waiting for him in front of the Going Merry. The two exchanged words, with Usopp declaring that he would be the winner, explaining that unlike those of Luffy’s past opponents, he knew how to fight him. The others watch as Usopp begins the fight with a lie. Chopper believes him and is told to go inside.
As Luffy attacks, Usopp begins to attack him, but suddenly collapses and coughs up some blood, causing the others to panic and Luffy to stop his attack. Revealing that it was just ketchup, Usopp blinds Luffy with the Flash Dial and shoots rotten eggs at him. An angry Luffy tells him to fight seriously, but Usopp explains that this is his true fighting style before shooting a tabasco into Luffy’s mouth. This causes him to fall into Usopp’s “Caltrop Hell”, and Usopp says he plans to win by any means possible. The others comment on how fast Usopp’s attacks were.
As Luffy stumbles to his feet, Usopp fires a shuriken, which Luffy dodges just in time. While gasping for breath, Luffy notices clouds of gas surrounding him. Due to the rotten eggs masking the smell of the gas, Usopp was able to spread it around without being detected. Usopp ignites the gas with fire, causing the area to explode and shocking the other Straw Hats, who can do nothing but watch.
As the couple sit exhausted from the explosion, Going Merry is seen dripping with water, giving the impression that she is crying.

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