Read One Piece Manga Chapter 333


The Straw Hat Pirates look on as Usopp and Luffy continue their duel in the smoky space. The pair attack at the same time, but Usopp deflects Luffy’s attack with Impact Dial. An exhausted Usopp is shocked to see Luffy still standing and the pair stare at each other as they remember how they made the straw pirate flag. Luffy finally hits Usopp with a finishing attack that causes him to collapse to the ground completely defeated.
As the others look on in pain, Luffy goes to the ship and tells the defeated Usopp that the Going Merry is his as they will get a new ship. She says goodbye to him and remembers the good times they had together. Chopper, devastated by the events, tries to check on Usopp’s wounds, but is stopped by Sanji, who explains how painful it must be to feel sorry for him.
As they leave the ship, everyone except Zoro and Sanji are in tears as they say goodbye to Usopp and Going Merry.

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