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The morning after the duel, Usopp is seen aboard the silent and empty Going Merry. In the streets of Water 7, the citizens are seen discussing the incident that happened, which they blame on Franky or the pirates in town. There are many people at the entrance to Dock 1 asking questions related to the incident, including whether or not it was related to the destruction of Franky House.
On the roof of the inn, the Straw Hats, except for Nami, are seen sitting when Sanji enters and notes how they were spending money on rooms that none of them were using. After Chopper asks where he went, Sanji explains to Chopper that he was patrolling the peninsula for Robin and decided to look for her that day, which Chopper decides to check out with him. Just then, Nami bursts into the room and tells everyone that Iceburg has been shot.
A distressed Paulie is seen calling for updates and is informed that Iceburg is alive, but is currently in a catatonic state. He is told to come to the Galley-La headquarters where Lulu and Kaku are seen discussing the events, and it is learned that there is no possibility that this is a robbery and that the World Government is also a suspect. Papers are flying around the streets of Water 7 about the shooting with many unanswered questions; who did it and what was their motive. Paulie is seen running through the streets saying that whoever did this is dead.
Nami explains to the others who Iceburg is and that he is still alive but in a catatonic state. Luffy decides to go see how he is and Nami decides to go too. Sanji asks if Zoro will go with him and Chopper, but Chopper declines, saying he’ll wait and see what happens. At Blue Station, Puffing Tom returns and Franky is seen exiting, unaware of what is happening in town.
Meanwhile, at the Galley-La headquarters, Iceburg is seen unconscious in bed as the doctor informs Rob Lucci and Kalifa that he has been shot a total of five times. Lulu explains to Kaku that the door didn’t seem to be open and the only clue is a shared mask while Paulie drives past the reporters to get to Galley-La headquarters.
Luffy and Nami run off to find out more about the shooting while Franky arrives at where Frank House used to be. He asks the two women accompanying him, Moza and Kiwi, if it’s real, to which they tell him it is. Angered by this, he throws off his mask and realizes that the culprits must have been straw pirates.

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