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Angered by the destruction of Franky’s house and his followers, Franky is enraged and declares that he can never forgive the straw pirates. A small group of the Franky Family appear and explain that they were looking for the location of the Straw Hats so that Franky could get revenge on them.
A strong wind appeared at the Shift Station. Kokoro states that it is Karock, the south wind, and that the waves have thickened. Declaring that the sea train will stop that night, she tells Chimney and Gonba to prepare to go to the island because “Aqua Laguna is coming”.
At water 7, the entire island is warned that Aqua Laguna is approaching. Most of the population, who have forgotten this, start acting rashly. Hearing the announcement, Sanji and Chopper ask the citizen what the “Aqua Laguna” is and it turns out to be a high tide that will sink the city around midnight. A repeated notification will be displayed before changing the location to Galley-La’s headquarters. A large group of reporters are outside questioning the members while Nami and Luffy are outside Shipyard 1 where a large group of concerned citizens await news of Iceburg.
Suddenly, music starts playing, causing the people outside to panic and confuse both Nami and Luffy. Three figures behind a piece of cloth standing on top of an arch. As the citizens shout insults, one character demands that Luffy reveal himself. After throwing away the cloth, the characters are revealed to be Mozu and Kiwi with Franky unmasked. As people begin to flee the scene, an angry looking Luffy yells at Franky asking who he is.
Back at HQ, Kalifa reveals that Iceburg has woken up to the delight of the Galley-La workers and reporters outside. Iceburg reveals that he remembers there were two attackers, one large man with a mask and a tall woman with black hair whom he identifies as Nico Robin.

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