Read One Piece Manga Chapter 336


Luffy is confronted by Franky, who is upset about the destruction of his house and the fact that his men were beaten. He reveals that he spent all the money he stole from them. However, Luffy states that money is not important and that he will fight Franky. As the citizens continue to flee, Franky takes a stance and breathes fire from his mouth. Luffy and Nami manage to avoid the explosion and believe he may be another Devil Fruit user, however Franky jumps into the water below. Franky destroys Nami and Luffy’s boat with a blow from below, revealing that he can swim, meaning he couldn’t have eaten the Devil Fruit. As Luffy is about to attack, Franky attacks first, disconnecting his right arm (which is connected to his body by a chain) and smashing Luffy into the gate of Dock 1. As Luffy and Nami stare in disbelief, he reveals himself to be a cyborg.
At the Galley-La Company headquarters, the members discuss Robin and conclude that since she is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, everyone must be involved. This is then revealed to the reporters outside and a poster is seen with the three wanted Straw Hats – Luffy, Zoro and Robin. Tilestone comes to Iceburg’s room and shows Luffy and Franky fighting in the shipyard with the other members. All the members, except for Iceburg and Kalifa, head to the shipyard to confront Luffy. Iceburg wonders what the attackers may be aiming for and whether they have allied themselves with the World Government or want “it” for themselves.
Back at the shipyard, Luffy and Franky continue to fight and destroy their surroundings. Nami, Mozu and Kiwi are seen cheering on the sidelines. As Franky wields his cannon-like left arm, Luffy counterattacks and hits him with “Gomu Gomu no Muchi”. However, someone attacks Luffy and sends him into the wreckage. They turned out to be the main mechanics from Galley-La Dock 1.

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