Read One Piece Manga Chapter 338


The chapter opens with Sanji and Chopper yelling information about the Aqua Laguna near the Going Merry as an attempt to let Usopp know and prepare for it without directly telling him. As the pair make their way back to the city, Usopp hears but does not identify the voices.
Back at the shipyard, Nami continues to fight the angry citizens and try to reason with them. However, the citizens and members of the Galley-La Company do not listen and declare that they and the citizens of Water 7 now consider them enemies. The members of Galley-La, now aware of Luffy’s Devil Fruit abilities, continue their attack. Luffy still refuses to attack and is shot down with a bazooka. The crowd cheers as a worried Nami screams Luffy’s name. He then notices Franky, Moza, and Kiwi sitting, watching and drinking at a table. Still angry that members of the Galley-La Company interrupted his fight, he throws a table to get their attention. The members simply tell him to back off, which infuriates him even more. The crowd begins to warn Galley-La as Franky prepares to attack using his arms as cannons. He reveals that he will fire the air bullet he used earlier and destroy the crane.
The giant ship is destroyed by the explosion and the members of the Galley-La Company are thrown into the air. The crane falls and many citizens flee as Dock One is destroyed. Nami manages to escape the crowd as Luffy emerges from the smoke unharmed. The pair decide to go confront Iceburg and find out the truth. Mozu and Kiwi ask Franky what they’re going to do next, and he admits that the last attack was his last, as evidenced by his facial hair. He says he will go after Luffy when he refuels, though he admits it will be difficult. All of the Galley-La Company appear unharmed and discuss what to do next. With the Aqua Laguna cruise scheduled to take place that night, they conclude that the only way out of the island is two trains, as the Going Merry is in no condition to set sail. When Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe arrive in town, the Galley-La Company declares that it will be at dawn.

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