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Even though they missed the announcement, Nami determines that a typhoon is most likely to pass through the island using her weather knowledge. She and Luffy are shown sitting on a rooftop near the Galley-La headquarters, where reporters are still crowding the entrance. Determined to uncover the truth, Luffy breaks into the headquarters alone and breaks a window to get inside. In Iceburg’s room, Kalifa informs him that Luffy broke into HQ and Iceburg then asks for a favor.
As Kalifa is being chased by Galley-La workers, she is seen calling out to Luffy as she passes by. As the others walk through the room, she denies seeing him, saying that Iceburg is just sleeping. The workers decide to guard the room along with Kalifa. Inside the room, Luffy and Iceburg start talking about the shooting, and Iceburg confirms that Nico Robin was one of the attackers. He points a gun at Luffy and asks if he will let him see her one more time, but Luffy explains that he has no idea where she is.
A gunshot suddenly rings out throughout the building and everyone rushes into Iceburg’s room where the window can be seen to be open. Disappointed, Iceburg states that he too wants to find the truth. Out on the roof, Luffy reports his findings to Nami outside, but says he still doesn’t believe Robin would do something like that.
At Blueno’s Bar, Franky appears with Mozu and Kiwi, greeting the owner Blueno and ordering a coke. He is seen taking three empty bottles from the compartment in his stomach. Blueno asks if Franky can pay, and Mozu and Kiwi reveal that they still have the 1,000,000 bellies they stole from the Straw Hats, shocking Franky. Franky then throws the money in the air, exclaiming that the drinks are on him. Kokoro, who has been at the bar since Franky walked in, starts talking to him. Chimney and Gonbe appear from the other side and ask Franky for juice. Blueno hands him three bottles of Coke, which he puts in the compartment where he calls them “fuel”, and his hair stands up.
Kokoro and Franky begin to discuss shooting Iceburg, Kokoro suggesting that the world government chasing him would be a more likely suspect than the pirates. He goes on to found an organization known as CP9, which both Franky and Blueno state as a rumor, but insist they exist due to working in the shadows. Franky asks Kokoro why she’s so sure they exist, and she says she heard about it, to which Franky comically says it’s a rumor.
In an empty warehouse somewhere in the back street of Water 7, Nico Robin is seen with two unknown figures. She is given orders to retrieve “it” from Iceburg, Tom’s only living disciple, named CP9.

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