Read One Piece Manga Chapter 342


With Mozu and Kiwi trying to keep up with the wind, Franky wanders around Water 7 looking for Luffy. The other members catch up and inform them that they saw Usopp, who they still believe to be a member of the Straw Hats, alone on the Going Merry. In an attempt to lure Luffy out, Franky decides to kidnap Usopp as bait.
At Galley-La headquarters, the four remaining Straw Hats continue to keep watch. Inside the Iceburg, he asks Kalifa to leave and send Paulie. In accordance with his wishes, she leaves the area after dispatching Paulie while the other four leave their places to avoid being overheard. Iceburg is seen giving details of the assignment, which Paulie accepts without question. As he leaves the room, he apologizes and leaves the remaining four to watch. He is next seen in the President’s room, finding a safe and entering the combination Iceburg gave him.
Nico Robin, along with a man in a bear mask, is standing on the roof and tells Den Den Mushi that they are both ready. An explosion suddenly occurs at the Galley-La headquarters, alerting everyone in the area and causing a panic that causes Tilestone and Peepley Lulu to leave their post. The musketeer-style attacker is chased using a spiked whip to escape upstairs, where they are confronted by other Galley-La workers. Robin and the man in the bear mask are also being chased around the area.
The Straw Hats, who were busy observing the chaos, realize that Luffy has disappeared.
Back in the presidential suite, Paulie finds a stack of papers in the safe, just as two more masked men appear.

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