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Shocked by the news that the plans are fake, the two masked men remain silent as Paulie explains that he knows nothing about them or what they are about. The pair decide to take him out as he is now involved, however they are interrupted by Luffy breaking through the wall and first spotting a beaten Paulie in front of two masked men. The man with the skull mask kicks the wall just as Luffy manages to escape and easily breaks it. Shocked by the force of the kick, the bull masked man sneaks up behind Luffy and holds him down. Before leaving, he also detains Paulie and arranges with the others to gather in the bedroom and not shoot Iceburg.
The Musketeer is seen easily defeating Peepley’s Lulu while escaping. One of the carpenters notes that “she” is escaping.
While Paulie and Luffy are trapped in the President’s room, the two agree to fight together for Iceburg and Robin.
Back at the bedroom, all of the CP9 members arrive, one of them picking up Rob Lucci’s hat on the way in. Hattori also flies into the room and sits on the shoulders of the man in the bull mask when he is revealed to be Rob Lucci. Outside, it is seen that the losers “Rob Lucci” and “Kaku” are just alike when the man with the skull mask is revealed to be Kaku. Kalifa also shows up as a musketeer and Blueno, a bartender, as a Doa Doa no Mi user. Shocked by the fact that they are CP9, he sits and listens as Rob Lucci tells him to state the location of the plans or there will be more casualties.

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