Read One Piece Manga Chapter 346


After taking out all the boatmen, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper run to the Galley-La headquarters while Luffy frees himself and Paulie from their restraints. They all head to Iceburg’s room.
Meanwhile, Rob Lucci explains to Iceburg about the existence of Cipher Pol and CP9. He states the reason CP9 is not known to exist is because they have a license to kill anyone who doesn’t cooperate. He goes on to reveal that the World Government wishes to resurrect ancient weapons in the name of justice.
When Rob Lucci decides to explain their theory while Kaku monitors Iceburg’s pulse, he explains that it’s strange that he wouldn’t try to pass on Pluton’s true plans after being attacked if he hadn’t already. As for the forgeries, they are signed by Tom’s workmen; Tom, Iceburg and Cutty Flam. He goes on to say that Iceburg’s mistake was that he thought his enemies weren’t that close to him, so they know about Tom’s workers, who are so shrouded in mystery that it took them ages to deduce that Iceburg was an apprentice and that the other, Cutty Flam, was confirmed dead by a government official 8 years ago. However, all four remember that a year after their arrival, a man who only named himself once came to see Iceburg. Cutty Flam is still alive and known in Water 7 as Franky, who had the opportunity to get Pluton’s blueprints because he was selling material there. Iceburg’s pulse is reported to confirm that this is all true.
Just as the CP9 are about to escape, they are interrupted by Luffy, Paulie, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper.

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