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The four remaining straw pirates, along with Paulie, burst into the bedroom to be greeted by the sight of an injured Iceburg surrounded by Nico Robin and the members of CP9. Paulie is shocked when he realizes the situation and with Lucci’s voice confirming that his friends are indeed his enemies, he goes on the attack. However, Rob Lucci only stabs Paulie with his finger after using Shigan.
Lucci then explains that all CP9 members have trained countless hours to turn their bodies into weapons and have mastered numerous skills that exceed normal human abilities, the Rokushiki. As Lucci is about to take out Paulie, Luffy uses a Gomu Gomu no Gatling on him, only for it to have no effect on Lucci after he uses Tekkai. Using Soru, Lucci manages to hit Luffy with Shigan in the neck. Luffy, only escaping instant death thanks to his rubber body, brings Paulie to where he and the straw pirates are and explains to CP9 that they promised to defeat those who tried to kill Iceburg.
The Straw Hat Pirates then ask Robin to explain why she wishes to leave the crew, and she states that if she is to stay with them, the dream she would sacrifice anything for would never come true. Iceburg interrupts only for Robin to attack to stop him from interfering to the shock of those around her. Chopper asks if he is really their enemy, but before she can answer, Lucci interrupts and informs him that the mansion will be engulfed in flames in two minutes, noting that fire is an effective way to destroy evidence. Lucci advises the Straw Hats to evacuate if they can, as Kalifa, Kaku, and Blueno prepare to confront them. When Luffy is asked by Zoro if he is okay with Robin leaving the crew, he tells him no and the four Straw Hats prepare for battle.

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