Read One Piece Manga Chapter 348


CP9 explains that the fire will rise from the first floor and that they plan to set the Straw Hat Pirates on chaos. The Straw Hats, enraged, all prepare to attack. Robin turns to leave as the Straw Hats and Iceburg try to stop her. Luffy lunges at her, but is blocked by Bluen, who easily dodges all of Luffy’s attacks with the help of Kamia and Soru. Blueno appears to use Geppa to levitate while Kalifa and Kaku attack with Rankyaku, sending Luffy flying back and cutting through the wall.
Zoro attacks Kaku and questions his inspection of the Going Merry, however Kaku reveals that even though he was incognito, he was serious about the ship’s condition. The two continue to fight when Luffy notices that Robin has finally arrived at the window. In a last minute attempt to stop her, Luffy rushes to the window while Zoro is defeated by Kaku using Shigano. Luffy is caught and thrown against a wall by Lucci while Robin escapes through a window.
Rob Lucci then explains that the CP9 have been training since they were young and are always sent on extreme missions. He states that they have a huge difference in combat power compared to the Straw Hats. Caliph interrupts to announce that it’s almost time for the fire to start as Rob Lucci claims he has something interesting for them. Lucci then begins to transform into an unknown creature, shocking everyone there.

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