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Outside the Galley-La HQ, the shipmen are seen helping each other escape the flames engulfing the building, while inside the group in Iceburg’s bedroom watches in horror as Rob Lucci transforms using his Devil Fruit ability, Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard. Rob Lucci, massively built, towers over them and explains that of all the Devil Fruit types, Zoan users’ special trait is to get physically stronger, as the more they train, the more powerful they become. Chopper then comments that the carnivorous Zoan types were the most violent.
Caliph informs them that the other boatmen are on their way to the bedroom. With a single Rankyaku, Lucci destroys the upper floors of the Galley-La headquarters, causing them to collapse. Nami and Chopper run to escape the collapsing roof. Before Nami hits the collapsing ceiling, Chopper pushes her to safety and is buried himself. As Nami begins frantically digging through the rubble in search of Chopper, Paulie manages to reach the Iceburg and the pair attempt to escape despite CP9 standing in their way.
Just as Lucci is about to hit the pair, Luffy manages to hit him before he could use Tekkai. Lucci, now with sharp nails and increased strength, impales Luffy with Shigan, injuring him. Lucci then grabs Luffy and sends him flying somewhere in Water 7. Zoro then attacks but it is ineffective against Lucci’s Tekkai and he shares the same fate as Luffy as he is sent flying.
Outside the Galley-La headquarters, the Carpenters, who know nothing of what happened inside, can only watch and hope that Iceburg escaped with the help of Paulie, Kaku, and Rob Lucci. As they continue to watch, the boatman notices an unconscious Nami who has fallen from the third floor and identifies her as a member of the Straw Pirates. Inside, Iceburg and Paulie are unconscious and tied up, while a distressed Tyrannosaurus is at their side.
On a rooftop nearby, CP9 members are seen watching the Galley-La HQ burn as Rob Lucci explains that there is now no one to confirm the truth. As if speaking to Iceburg, he says that the common citizen should never defy such a big government. He then states that their next task is to get the blueprints from Tom’s second pupil, Franky.

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