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Franky says he will take the Going Merry apart to the shock of everyone in the hideout. He goes on to explain why he will do this because Usopp has stated that he wants to return home and not throw his life away with the ship. He states that the ship’s wish is to “take you from this land to that land” and that it can no longer honor that wish.
Usopp watches in horror as Franky begins tearing up the Going Merry and tries to stop him. When the attack fails, Franky slams Usopp into the water to witness the shock of the onlookers Moza and Kiwi.
Underwater, Usopp has no choice but to look at Merry’s severely damaged keel. Trying to ignore the problem, he continues to repair Merry after he climbs out of the water while Moza and Kiwi look on sadly. Franky continues to explain, but Usopp admits that he already knew that the Going Merry could no longer travel. He goes on to explain the night on Skypiea where he saw a ghost repairing a ship and explains that he believes it to be the incarnation of the Going Merry.
Franky describes the apparition of the ghost shocking Usopp and goes on to explain that what he saw was Klabautermann. He explains that it’s a legend about a fairy that dwells on well-maintained ships and that it’s really more or less the incarnation of a ship. Apparently it helps in many ways, the main one being a ghost warning the crew when the ship is in danger.
As they finish their discussion, there is a knock on the door: the CP9s have arrived.

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