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Mozu and Kiwi believe it is Zambai and the others at the door, however Franky claims he would have used the other entrance, but they insist they could have grabbed the Straw Hats. Usopp adds that there’s no way they’re coming to save him since they’re no longer crew members. As the bell continues to ring, Mozu and Kiwi decide to answer while Franky explains that Usopp should return to the Straw Hat Pirates as the problem has been solved. This begins another argument between the pair, as Usopp refuses to leave the Going Merry despite claiming that if he goes down with the ship, he will never die happily.
At this point, Mozu is sent flying to where the pair stand in shock as they watch Kiwi get knocked down by Kalifa. Angered by the attack on his friends, Franky charges in but is blocked by Bluen, who is shocked to see him. Franky easily lifts Bluen into the air when he realizes something bad is happening, but is kicked towards Usopp, who is shocked to see the Galley-la workers he met the day before. Franky, confused as to why the four are attacking him and angry at his “sisters” attack, asks how they found out about the hideout.
Rob Lucci informs them that the four attackers are spies for the world government and that their life in Water 7 was fake. He also reveals that they know his real name, which further shocks Franky, but he keeps his cool and asks them how Iceburg is. Lucci tells him that he is dead, which Franky hears both shocked and devastated, and that they are following the plans to Pluton. Franky remembers the much younger Iceburg who named him “Franky” and attacks Lucci, who within seconds blasts Franky through a wall and into another room as Usopp watches, unable to prevent anything.
Unaware that there is another room, CP9 begins to search it and finds plaques with the names “Cutty Flam”, “Iceburg” and “Tom” engraved on them. Franky tells them to leave the room because the best shipwright in the world grew up and lived there. During the explanation, a photo of all the members of Tom’s Workers is seen in the room.

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