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As the wind and waves worsen in Water 7, Franky continues to guard the room as CP9 understands that this hideout was once the office of Tom’s workers. As Usopp watches, confused by what’s going on, Rob Lucci holds up the photo and explains that they will leave when the plans are given to Pluton. When he replies that there are no plans, Rob Lucci kicks one of the jobs while Kalifa ties Franky to his thorn whip. Usopp panics as he still has no idea what’s going on while Lucci claims they have a trump card that “Cutty Flam” committed the crime as well as Tom. To this, Franky angrily states that Tom was not a criminal, but Lucci kicks him as Usopp is seen holding his slingshot. Remembering what Tom told him, he asks CP9 how much they really know about Water 7.
The story flashes back 22 years, where 12-year-old Cutty Flam is seen firing cannons on “Battle Franky 8” at a sea monster trying to chase him down, which ends up destroying the ship that sent him flying. Cutty Flam is seen with a bump on his head as sixteen-year-old Iceburg berates him for building dangerous things instead of helping. It is explained that the Battle Franky’s are Cutty Flam’s important battleships that are built using scrap from Scrap Island and that he is determined to build a ship capable of defeating the Sea King. Iceburg laughs at this and says that wouldn’t be possible as Tom arrives, blowing up the ship along with the three poles that complete the ship and put it in the water along with his pet Yokozuna.
The three return home to Tom’s Workers’ Main Office, which is now a warehouse under the bridge, and are seen enjoying a meal prepared by their beautiful secretary, Kokoro. Cutty Flam and Iceburg are seen arguing and fighting as Kokoro informs them that a merchant ship carrying timber has been captured by pirate ships and goes on to explain that the number of pirate ships has increased since the death of the Pirate King. He goes on to explain that Water 7 can only get their supplies from other ships, but due to violent weather and pirates they often can’t get any, if this continues, he says it will most likely shrink and be just an island waiting to happen. be flooded
Cutty Flam interrupts and asks Tom to show him the plans for the pirate ship he made, however Tom explains that there is no pirate ship in the world that has plans because it’s just a ship with a painting of skulls on the flag. That night, Cutty Flam watches Tom draw what he calls the island’s “hope”, believing it may be the thing that can revive Water 7.
The next day, a court ship arrives at Water 7 and Tom is seen being taken away as the others look on in panic, but he assures them that everything will be fine. In the courtroom, it is explained that Tom’s crime was building the ship used by Gol D. Roger, and that as punishment he will be taken to Enies Lobby for execution.

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