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Outside the Judicial, it is announced that Tom is to be executed for building the pirate ship, shocking both Cutty Flam and Iceburg. Inside, the judge explains that usually those who build pirate ships are not important, but since it was used by such a famous, dangerous pirate, it is also classified as dangerous. The Marines try to take Tom away, but he begins to explain that he is making plans for a steam engine paddle boat that will ride on the surface of the sea. He goes on to explain that the abuse of the island is due to bad trade and that running a sea train would be the savior of the town.
The Marines continue to try to move Tom, but the judge tells them to wait and interrogates him on the Marine train. Tom explains that it will be a train that will run on rails from island to island and will be able to carry people, objects and even ships and will be able to cross seas at will without being affected by the weather. The other watching carpenters sneer at him, asking how he could expect the tracks to be unaffected by the Aqua Laguna. Tom responds by stating that the track sways a bit underwater and won’t go against the waves on its own, and that they would be a Sea Train guild, so the logs aren’t needed. He goes on to explain that he invented a dissonance that the fish won’t like so they won’t attack the train and that the three islands will be connected; St. Poplar, Pucci and San Faldo.
The crowd is stunned by this along with the judge who asks if Enies Lobby could be attached as well, which Tom concedes. After declaring that it would be the hope of the island, the crowd stares in shock and amazement as he admits that it would take ten years to build. The judge orders a ten-year stay of execution so he can build the Sea Train and wishes him luck.
In the main office, all of Tom’s workers are sitting around eating and discussing what happened in court while Tom sits and laughs. Kokoro hopes that completing the Sea Train will freak him out, while Iceburg is excited about making the Sea Train. However, Cutty Flam rushes his food and sulks away, telling Yokozuna that he will teach him to front crawl, however Iceburg questions his attitude. Just then, Cutty Flam explodes and screams about how unfair it is that the man who built the only ship to fly the entire Grand Line was treated so badly. Tom simply laughs as Cutty Flam punches him while Iceburg tries to stop him.
As Cutty Flam trains Yokozuna in a front crawl, Iceburg angrily says that they should get rid of Cutty Flam and that he hates him. However, Tom states that he is part of their group, and even though they build dangerous things, his ship building skills are very close to Water 7’s. He recalls finding the Cutty Flam that arrived on Scrap Island and being able to build a cannon out of scrap. Laughing, Cutty Flam explained that his parents, who were most likely pirates, threw him off the ship. Tom explains that it’s sturdy but not shaped, but the pair are going to be shipbuilders going out into the world, so they should get along despite Iceburg’s rejection. It is then stated that the plan is complete and they will begin building, but when asked about Cutty Flam, he simply states that he can do whatever he wants.
Tom shows Iceburg and Yokozuna the plans for the Sea Train and they start working on it while Cutty Flam finishes his next battle with Franky, though no one pays attention. He is also finally seen helping with the construction of the Sea Train, the group going through many mishaps in all weathers.
Ten years later, poor trade and rising sea levels have left Water 7 even more isolated than ever and the citizens desperate. Suddenly it is announced that the Sea Train is finished and everyone goes to see it with many boarding to ride it. As the Sea Train travels across the sea, Tom’s workers except for Kokoro, who is driving the train, happily watch as it leaves Water 7.

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