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The attack on Shihousen continues as the residents of Water 7 and the Marines evacuate the area. One of the residents begins to recognize the ships aboard the Battle Franky’s, the ones that caused the chaos, they say Spandam called it a “sacrifice for judgment”. Cutty Flam continues towards Scrap Island while both Tom and Iceburg are already there and on their way to the ships. However, by the time they reach them, they are all completely empty. As Iceburg wonders what’s going on, Tom notices two more Battle Franks about to attack them, and they do, the ships the pair were on burst into flames.
Just then, Cutty Flam arrives and immediately notices the injured Tom and Iceburg lying on the island. When Iceburg gets to his feet, he punches Cutty Flam in the face and tells him that his ships, which were controlled by the World Government, caused everything. He explains that while the purpose of a creator’s weapon may differ, they can still cause damage in the hands of others. Iceburg, distraught by what happened, says that Cutty Flam will never forgive what he did, and they both begin to cry.
At this, Tom tells the pair to stop, and although Iceburg was shocked, he could still forgive him, saying that Cutty Flam is not a bad kid. To this, it is explained that the harpoon that Tom was hit with cannot be removed, but he laughs and says that he doesn’t feel it at all. The residents of Water 7 arrive and are shocked to see them injured, but still say it’s their fault. Spandam also arrives at Scrap Island and claims that the three are criminals and are taken to a judge who believes everything Spandam claims.
Knowing that there will be no getting out of it, Spandam watches with glee while the others watch in shock and horror. As the judge explains that Tom would have all charges dropped, Cutty Flam interrupts and informs the judge that it was Spandam who was behind the attack, which he only scoffs at. Spandam states that not only were they caught in the act, the ships were also made by the company, but because he remembers the injuries he caused them, he disowned them all. In this, Tom breaks free from his chains and punches him, shocking even Iceburg, who claims it’s the first time he’s ever raised a hand to him.
Tom explains that it’s because he said they weren’t his ships, even though he took good care of them and carefully built them. He goes on to say that a ship doesn’t start out as good or bad and he doesn’t care what type of ship Cutty Flam makes, the ship’s parents should give it love despite what it was made to do. As he says this, he rips out the harpoon that pierced him. As Cutty starts to cry, Flam tells him and Iceburg not to let another sound come out of their mouths as the onlookers look on in shock.

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