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As the residents flee, believing that Tom has gone mad, they realize that he has been framed by the world government and that this is the end. Looking at Spandam, he thinks about how Cutty Flam must hate him for what he did to his ships, so he punches Spandam for it. The other members of Tom’s Workers watch in shock as he is shot by the other Marines. He appeared to have been affected by the sedatives as he fell to his knees but remained conscious. As bystanders say how violent he is, Cutty Flam yells at them, but is interrupted by Tom.
Tom then confesses to the attack that day, to the shock of the others, especially Cutty Flam. He then makes a request to the judge, which Spandam tries to stop, but the judge allows him to make his request. Tom then says that if building the Sea Train was going to make any crime go away, he’d like it to happen today. He is reminded that things will go back to how they were twelve years ago, but he simply says that he is proud to have given Gol D. Roger that power.
At this, the crowd starts yelling insults at him in disgust, even though he no longer cares what they say. Confused and upset, Cutty Flam questions why he did this and is told not to torture himself about it, even though the World Government wanted the plans, his dealings with Gol D. Roger put them in this situation. He explains that things have changed since twelve years ago, the island is full of power and he managed to help the island, which was his dream, and in that he collapses.
All of Tom’s workers watch in shock as Spandam declares that the drugs have finally worked and that they should all be arrested. However, the judge declares that the charges have been changed and that only Tom will be arrested for building Gol D. Roger’s ship. Although Spandam is not happy about this, he agrees as he only needs Tom. Tom’s workers are in tears, Kokoro explains that Tom can no longer be saved and that he saved the two of them. He goes on to say that no one has ever returned from Enies Lobby because it is Judgment Island. When Spandam insults Tom, Cutty Flam can’t take it anymore and smashes his face with a gun so hard that his face is destroyed. Despite calls from Iceburg, Kokoro, and Yokozuna, he continues to go on a rampage, attacking the Marines who have been given permission to shoot him.
Sea Train is then seen leaving Water 7 with Spandam inside, saying that he will never forgive Cutty Flam, who escaped the marines, for what he did, and will return to capture him later. Just then, one of the marines runs into the room and says that Cutty Flam has followed them and is standing on the track with some kind of weapon. Yokozuna is also with him, but on a boat next to the track, watching as he is told not to move. Spandam tells them to run him over as Cutty Flam starts firing cannons at Puffing Tom, but they fail to stop the train.
As the train approaches, Yokozuna begins to panic, while Cutty Flam drops his weapon and decides to try to stop the train with his own power. He remembers the first time he met Tom, who laughed when he explained that he was abandoned and invited him to stay with him without question. With tears in his eyes, the train arrives and he tries to stop it, saying that he no longer wishes to build ships that would hurt the people he cares about, but his own goal is still to learn more from Tom. At that, the train blows him up with full force, and he thinks about his dream of building a dream ship that will sail to the end of the world.

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