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Franky watches as Usopp is easily defeated by Kaku when CP9 decides to take him with him because he hasn’t given up being a pirate even though he is no longer part of the Straw Pirates. As Kalifa goes to tie him up, Kaku sets out in the Going Merry, stating that his assessment of the ships condition was correct and that they should be scrapped. He then releases the water and the Going Merry crashes into the fast waves, leaving both Franky and Usopp looking on in horror.
At the Galley-La Company, Iceburg begins to wake up to everyone’s delight, but they are unsure of what to do with Chopper since he saved his life despite being their enemy. Nami is also starting to wake up and Iceburg asks the others to leave while he talks to her privately. Although the boatmen are shocked and unsure of this, they leave the pair alone. Once it is confirmed that Robin changed shortly after arriving on the island, it is concluded that this must have been when the World Government put their plan into action.
After shocking Nami by telling her how he and Robin can awaken a weapon capable of destroying the world, he recalls the events that took place while Robin was watching over him. After realizing that the plans he had were fake, Iceburg told her that he would rather give up his life than the plans. However, after she states that she only wants to learn history, the pair begin arguing with Iceburg, questioning why she would help the world government she hates so much.
She then explains to him that she wishes her wish to be granted and that she was given two conditions; blame the straw pirates and then obey the world government. After being asked why she would agree to such things, it was revealed that the Buster Call, which summons five vice admirals and ten warships, would go against the Straw Pirates if CP9 wished for this one occasion, as they had received permission from Admiral Aokiji. She goes on to say that she was only able to escape for twenty years because she had nothing to protect, that is no longer the case, and her wish is for the six straw pirates, besides herself, to get off the island safely. When asked if she cares that it would cause Pluto to awaken and destroy the planet, she admits that she doesn’t care.
Shocked to hear Robin doing this for them, Nami collapses with relief that she didn’t betray them after all. Excited, she runs off to tell the others the good news and explains to Iceburg that they will go and protect her because once they make up their minds, they all become much stronger. As Nami tries to wake up Chopper, she remembers what Sanji told him before they broke up that day.
At Blue Station, the last train prepares to depart as Robin approaches a waiting Corgi while Sanji watches closely.

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