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At the entrance to Blue Station, Robin arrives and is told by Corgi to get on the Sea Train first, who laughs that the woman he’s been chasing for so long has finally given up. Watching from afar, Sanji notes how it looks like she’s being taken away, even though she could easily run away and that she must be after something or has a reason not to. His train of thought is then interrupted by the arrival of CP9, carrying both Usopp and Franky, and he says that even though Usopp said he wouldn’t cause them any more trouble, it seems he did.
At Galley-La headquarters, an awakened Chopper is happy to discover that Robin did not betray them, while the crowd watches in amazement as he transforms. However, they are interrupted by Iceburg, who explains that CP9 is most likely going to Blue Station for the last Sea Train, as that will be the only safe way to travel, as Aqua Laguna is due to arrive sometime soon. . It turns out that they only have half an hour to get to the station, because the train leaves then and can’t be late.
Nami decides to go to the station alone while Chopper searches for the missing Luffy and Zoro. Paulie, finally awake, immediately shocks the other boatmen by demanding that they help them. He explains to them that the Straw Hat Pirates were faked and that they saved him and Iceburg from the real killers despite being blamed. As for the missing Rob Lucci and Kaku, he lies to them and says that they both had to return to their home islands and will probably never return. Although the others question this at first, he jumps on them for thinking about the Galley-La Company name, and they all agree to believe what he just told them as he agrees to show Nami the station. Before leaving, he tells Iceburg that he didn’t want them to have the same feelings as him.
Chopper and a large fleet of shipwrights race through the city trying to find the four lost straw pirates; Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and even Usopp. When the time reaches twenty minutes before the scheduled departure time, Paulie takes Nami through a shortcut while Robin sits and thinks on one of the train’s couches. In the next car, Usopp and Franky are thrown, tied up, while Sanji hears that the train is leaving earlier than expected! CP9 begins to relax at the thought that their mission is finally over as Nami continues on her way.
While sitting with the Tyrannosaurus, Iceburg wonders if Franky is still okay as the search for Luffy and Zoro continues. Realizing that the others won’t make it to the station in time, Sanji heads inside. Luffy is again seen stuck between two buildings and Zoro stuck in a chimney, neither able to move and both are somewhere in the lower half of Water 7.

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