Read One Piece Manga Chapter 364


At first, the four straw pirates appear to be swallowed by the Aqua Laguna, but Paulie manages to grab all four with his ropes and manages to pull them out of the water. As the bridge continues to be destroyed, the group makes their way to Zousenjima, making it just in time as the others watch in shock at how high the wave managed to reach. Paulie and Kokoro explain that the size of the wave was abnormal this year, and if it was always like this, the town would be long gone.
After Nami explains what happened, Luffy agrees that they should go after them and asks for a ship, but Paulie admits that it is impossible to sail in any ship as the waves would easily destroy it and that there is only one Sea Train . Tom huffs. Told by Nami to wait until morning, he concludes that it would be too late since that is where the Gate of Justice is located. He explains to the others that Enies Lobby is an island of judgment and usually when people are taken there it is proof enough and that once they pass through the Gates of Justice there are only two places they can go; Marine Headquarters or Impel Down.
Shocked by this, Paulie questions if they are really ready to go to war with the World Government and the other boatmen tell them to forget it, however Luffy states that he will take the ship by force if he has to. As the four are about to go against the boatmen, Kokoro stops them and tells them that Paulie is right, but if they still wish to go, she will launch the Sea Train for them.

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