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In Enies Lobby, Spandam gloats to his elephant, Funkfreed, about how easily he manages to capture Nico Robin and Cutty Flam, two humans capable of resurrecting Pluton. As the train continues towards Enies Lobby, Sanji defeats all the men in Cart Six, where Usopp and Franky are also being held. This is also revealed to be a communication cart with many Den Den Mushi that would allow them to contact Nami. Franky introduces himself to Sanji and comically gets kicked while Usopp prevents anything else but another cart hears them.
Back in Water 7, Kokoro takes the remaining Straw Pirates, except for Nami, to the brick warehouse and explains that the second sea train may not work. As they walk down into the room, they realize the door is already open and enter to see Rocketman, the second sea train. Iceburg exits Rocketman, explaining that he must have had the same idea and prepared the train for them, explaining that it’s impossible to slow it down, so it’s not very safe.
Nami arrives with two Blue Station workers carrying a sack filled with meat and sake to the delight of both Luffy and Zoro. As they prepare to leave, the Franky Family arrives and begs them to allow their members to go with them and rescue Franky. After explaining that they don’t care about going against the World Government, Luffy agrees and they explain that all they need to do is get on the train.
As the train prepares to depart, the Franky Family leaves to get ready while Paulie is seen hiding aboard the Rocketman. At that moment, the train departs for Enies Lobby.

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