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As Rocketman flies through the air and lands in the ocean, the Franky Family follows him, revealing that he has a total of fifty members with him, connecting their ship to the Sea Train. Kokoro easily finds the tracks she’s been following over the years and tries to pick up on them, but is shocked to see Chimney and Gonbe sitting up front, despite having left them back at Water 7.
After the two are brought in, Zoro comments on the appearance of the three Galley-La Company carpenters; Paulie, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone. Paulie reveals that after learning the identity of the enemies who tried to assassinate Iceburg, it became personal, while the other two simply followed him to find out who their enemy was, and despite still not knowing, they agree to fight also. After they and the Franky Family ask who the enemies are, Paulie reveals their identities and is greeted with looks of pure shock.
At this, Luffy concludes that although they have problems with each other in the city, their enemies are now the same and that they will defeat “Pigeon Guy”. Zoro adds that until those who were taken are retrieved, they must cooperate. Chimney warns them that the Aqua Laguna is right in front of them, and Kokoro explains that her job was only to get them on the tracks because Rocketman is a passing train. It is at this point that a representative of each group joins together to symbolize that they are now allies and because of this they have become strong and will save those on the other train. The Franky Family prepares to fire on the Aqua Laguna just as Nami’s Den Den Mushi starts ringing.
Back at Puffing Tom, the terrifying looking T Bone turns out to be a caring swordsman who wishes to keep the world peaceful and gentle. After covering the sea bug bite with his own special cloak, another enters and informs him that the previous two cars have been completely defeated and that the two criminals are missing. At this point, T Bone orders that word be given to the other carts and that emergency treatment should be administered.
On the roof of one of the other carts, Sanji, Franky, and Usopp are seen sitting as they send a message to Nami.

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