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Knowing Sogeking’s true identity, Sanji and Franky decide not to hurt his feelings and the three come up with a strategy to save Robin. Since they had already searched the first two trainers, Robin could be in any of the other five and decided not to have unnecessary battles.
Meanwhile, on the Rocketman, the remaining Straw Hats change clothes and Nami explains to them that before Usopp left, she perfected her Clima-Tact using the dials, causing both her and Luffy to become depressed at the mention of Usopp.
Corgi back aboard Puffing Tom informs CP9 of the intruder and escaped criminals; they concluded that if anyone had crept aboard, it must have been before they left the station, and that they must calm down and look for them. The three appear at the back entrance of the seventh bus, where T Bone is currently, and the marines call for everyone to get there. T Bone cuts open the door, but it’s gone when the others arrive at the carriage. T Bone, realizing it’s a trap, demands that they all get to the other cars, but it’s too late for them as their coaches have been disconnected from Puffing Tom and are left lying motionless on the tracks.
On the fifth carriage, the three are attacked by World Government operatives, whom they easily defeat, and it is revealed to Sanji and Sogeking that Franky is a cyborg. It is also revealed that only the front of Franky is cyborg, but his back is still normal as he could not reach that area. After a distraction, they decide to head to the next trainer, where they meet Wanz, who is preparing for battle after a comical greeting.

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