One Piece Manga Chapter 37

One Piece Manga Chapter 37

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Luffy and Kuro begin their fight, with Kuro gaining the upper hand at first. When his colleagues start cheering him on, Kuro berates them. He then remembers when he decided to give up piracy because the marines kept chasing him. When Kuro was at the height of his fame, he faked his own death by getting someone else to pose as Captain Kuro. Kuro attacks Luffy again, but Luffy breaks the claws on one of his hands with a rock and tells Kuro of his desire to become the Pirate King.
The battle between Kuro and Luffy begins and Luffy is unable to get the upper hand on Kuro because he is too fast and agile. After a few punches, Kuro lands on Luffy’s arm and heads straight for him. Luffy gets kicked in the face for his efforts and is knocked away. The Black Cat Pirates encourage Captain Kuro, but Kuro reminds them that they shouldn’t call him that anymore.
Kuro goes back in time 3 years. Aboard his ship where he summoned Jang. He announced his desire to stop being a pirate and told Jango that he could be a captain. His crew informed him that a marine ship had been sighted, which Kuro noted was the third time this week. Jango pointed out that after defeating the marines they would become more famous, to which Kuro confirmed that Jango was right about that, so he stopped being Kuro. As Jango laughed as the marines chased him to his death, Kuro announced that he was going to kill himself.
On board, a crew member asked if he should fire the cannons, Kuro stated that he should just launch a small boat and then head for the naval ship himself. When all was quiet, the crew readied the cannons, believing Kuro to be dead. However, upon investigating the ship, they discover that Kuro killed all the marines on board by himself. Kuro began his plan by approaching a marine who happened to be alive and stepping on his jaw to break it. To Kuro’s amazement, the marine spoke even with a broken jaw. Because the marine had spoken, Kuro announced that he might be the one to take Grand Captain Kuro back alive.
Jango dressed the crewman to look like Kuro and hypnotized the unfortunate crewman into believing he was Kuro. Afterwards, the Marine was hypnotized into believing he had captured Kuro. The pair sail off, Kuro smiling as he watches, knowing that the world will soon believe that Kuro is dead, and he can begin the rest of his plan.
Back in the present, Kuro asks Luffy if he knows what he wants now. Kuro attacks Luffy again, Luffy reacts by thrusting a rock into one of Kuro’s Cat Claws, then turns with the rock in his hands and snaps its blades together. Luffy then tells Kuro how he shouldn’t be a pirate if he doesn’t want the fame that comes with it. Luffy then proceeds with his own plan to become the Pirate King.

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